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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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joyce people chose the village the gateway to the grand imperial truly that's all it was to push coromandel you can a little socialist sedated to go and. read this in the kennel was her turn to retreat. the guy dressed as a policeman came across and said come here he said he's going against us i saw people being shot. the worst single shooting spree in modern history at least eighty four people had been killed after his company norway for a powerful blast essential which claimed seven lives. and thirty two year old norwegian man has been arrested in connection with both attacks and it suspicions that bribes when little extremists may have been behind the things. one of the questions that the republican party itself is can they say yes to any.
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and us government is in partial shutdown as party took several raising the debt ceiling and in a dramatic account just ten days shy of a catastrophic default. international meason comments twenty four hours a day you're watching on t.v. norwegian police say at least eighty four people have been killed in a shooting spree at a youth camp on the island of the capital also that the attack came shortly after a powerful blast from the government center in downtown oslo claiming at least seven more lives and thirty two year old norwegian man has been arrested in the way connection with the with attacks. bushell is following developments. the number of casualties estimated has skyrocketed to where this is you me initially said it was
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around ten since then the numbers have gone up dramatically. and dressed in police uniform apparently entered the labor party youth rally and began shooting indiscriminately dozens have been killed and there have been horrific stories of people swimming for their lives hiding in the bushes. people were wondering what was happening was it some bellew's exploding or somebody pointed to and then everyone started to understand that people actually had been shot fortunately i was dressed as a policeman and he came across like he was trying to help us and he said come here so he had a rifle he was using to shoot at us it was total chaos i saw people being shot. just before the attack how did you rally there was a blast here in the center of all flow which blew out windows in the cities and sometimes right now i'm thinking about the culture my hands and of course it's horrible when these things happen you don't really know what's going on you can
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assume there's been a bomb because of the serious point this is the sort of stuff it's being linked with the same thought to be a right wing extremist with anti muslim views on the seventeenth of july he still took posted a twitter feed where he has said that one person with a belief is equal to the force of a hundred thousand who have only interests so he thought of posted by tickle tweets leading up to this attack initially a group include helpers of the global jihad came out and said that they took responsibility for the bombing but then they retracted that because norway is participating in the libyan afghanistan war effort this part of nato and just last winter there were dozens of islamic militants arrested throughout western europe in connection with with planned combings police has told people to stay out of the. city center to avoid using. the exits to the borders of norway were shots
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immediately after the flaws roads leading into and trains leading into the capital rules so hold it now we've we've heard that soldiers are on the streets with machine guns police also being called the worst attack since world war two perhaps the worst shooting spree in history. but it's still unclear whether this was a brutal act of one individual or the work of an organization u.s. based war correspondent home and snow please we may never know what really happened on yonder there was ample reason for cells to talk no way it's not unusual for a government or an organization to which works with the media system to control information the way that norway norwegian media does or the norwegian government does to hide the facts something like this until they've decided that they want to tell the truth about what really happened in some cases the public will never learn the truth about what really happened but obviously to keep the public from becoming
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too frightened they want to keep the numbers down a lot a lot of parents wondering if their children had been killed in so there's a lot of reasons why governments control this kind of information normally has a huge role in the missions. forces in afghanistan lebanon somalia you can norway has committed to planes to the bombing in libya and they were previously involved in iraq that wouldn't be surprising either but. again back to the culture of morton always the fourteenth largest army quarter in in the world the highest military expenditures per capita in all of the european countries and yet it's it makes a lot of sense that this could be coming back on norway just like you know the chickens come home to roost. ok well my parents from the center for naval analysis says terrorist groups are trying to recruit people of european backgrounds because they would raise suspicion. the statement came out around ten thirty this morning u.s. time. no one challenged it for several hours but then by the afternoon the same person
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who had posted the claim posted a retraction and apparently it seems that the forum administrator is where he posted the claim had gotten a grae for him attributing it to this group helpers of the global jihad so he had to take down the statement post a retraction the recruitment of people in europe who are not of arab or south asian background who can blend in with the majority population they've been looking for for for these type of folks for a long time because they fly below the surveillance radar and they will have. ninety one people. i am legion and discoveries buzy. i am communicating with the why only. test
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yourself and become free in. what nature can give you. forty two thousand americans die each year from car accidents only a thousand. seven hundred thousand people. and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms close five hundred sixty thousand of us here part is easy even more devastating it shows over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every year. i am. the latest the us government's efforts to raise the country's in burma fourteen point three trillion dollars debt ceiling collapsed author republican opposition leader walked out of negotiations with president obama as the government agreed to
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raise the debt it looks like all this the second the country really unable to pay its bills will have to clear the fort peck sobbing fell for reading as u.s. federal aviation authority agencies all civil flights against the shutdown critics say that it's unlikely the saw the proper solution and it was taxes and spending cuts times the rest of the time or hoffa n'est went onto the streets of the big apple to gauge public opinion on what taxation. would you be willing to pay more in taxes to save your government from bankruptcy this week let's talk about that. definitely would pay more when you want to spend. do you want rather than spending. for education. so do you trust your government to spend it correctly i don't trust any of the
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parties in our country a little bit how much is a little bit. a few percentage points more and that's about that that's about it since fifty percent of the american public does not pay a nickel i would have a problem i believe everybody even if it's a dollar fifty everybody should be in this shared sacrifice it all depends on how much work you put your life if you know if i'm working hard and i make you my good my good share you know why do. i wait for me when people you know don't. you know you just spend a lot more money in taxes so that more people have my service that you have to pay for people who aren't working as hard as you yeah yeah. yeah ok with that well yeah i think everybody should have it ok so i think it's ok because you pay too much taxes you know you think the energy from people who want to work so much
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texas you have a government like in the state government to spend all the money and pray she was in iraq and. so i would say first up the stupid wars and there you don't need a tax increase in that or how you feel about taxes the bottom line is you're probably always going to have to pay them your government to use those funds well. the e.u. has announced a new one hundred sixty billion bailout for greece. since credit rating trucks into the dreaded fourth category leaders however made clear there was all the pulling out of. any cost it takes one agreeing that the cash injection is necessary for now that's not enough to get back on its feet. president sarkozy has been saying in brussels you know greece is
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a special case it's received this special support from the europeans and other countries won't receive that but of course. you do we believe that i'm not sure that we do because it's inconceivable that the europeans wouldn't step in. and it is also i think inconceivable that even the resources now available to the financial stability fund the sort of nascent european monetary fund i think they wouldn't really be sufficient in the end it was a sort of battle between the bond markets and the italian government so without wanting to paint nightmare scenario i don't think we're out of the woods yet all of all the real tragedy recovery operation is set to resume on saturday experts will put the finishing touches into pulling the sunken. area from the river part of the vessel has already been lifted to the surface right into me pumped out the ship's
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hull easy to move the experts even to examine the wreckage to tell me why exactly sunk into hundred fourteen people dead interest rate the list. owner of the ship is under investigation from people charged violence integrations . media experts in the usa the mainstream outlets are sacrificing because of their choice of context they say it's become a trend to show how they view sensationalism rather than important news. on this to reports us big business. directing the shift in style. now to talk about some of the day's biggest political stories it's the story behind the story i was like whoa the editorial mission driving the mainstream news cycle and i just kind of sat back i was like wow this is it this is this play by the rules instructions and the
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straight from the top he said i was just in washington and people in washington tell me that they're concerned about your tone recently departed and as n.b.c. anchor james ugur describes the talking to he alleges came from the head of the cable news network talking to you that drove him to leave the station he said i love to be an outsider outsiders are cool but we're not we're insiders. we are the former insiders and analysts we interviewed say it's this way of thinking in the mainstream t.v. lead reaction it leads to a twenty four hour news cycle michaels largely are willing to pay c anthony the woman accused of killing her two year old little girl you would know with this is your underpants we now learn real. value. coverage that an m.s.n. defector says has cost stations their literate audience and credibility to a lot of mainstream television news in particular as are just wasting your time
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with the new story with anthony weiner's wiener which you call my national joke a national joke that protects ad revenue and political currency it's unlike core hard hitting story leads they would be stories that of big corporations and big political power and that's why they're not covered it could explain why more reporters haven't covered for example a secret prison in somalia run by the cia journalist jeremy scahill exposed secrets and says several other american borders know about it instead this was the response to his story in the case of c.n.n. didn't even mention my report and just basically reprinted a press release from the cia saying that you know they were just assisting the somali government they could explain why networks aren't redoubling their efforts to cover hard hitting stories instead fresh off the successful ratings of the casey anthony trial you have a network like a.d.c. hiring former kidnapping victim elizabeth smart to cover missing children stories i
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mean they basically came out and said we need to do harvest and children are missing can process oris so that's what they're going to do and that is going to be a cost to other stories taking away from stories that affect people on a greater scale from jobs to inequality poverty wars and police brutality. the direction seems to be ever further in the direction of sensational. and tabloid which rupert murdoch's news corp scandal is any indication could backfire alternately that you're going to lose ratings you're going to lose viewers and you know ultimately you may be you may find yourself under investigation networks that pledge to lean forward or claim to be fair and balanced or they call themselves the most trusted name in news the defectors leaving to find an independent outlet if they want to try to live up to those mottos lore and mr washington d.c. . but the motivation behind sensationalist rather than front makes journalism maybe
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a true pursuit for higher profits because the critics are not conspiring or member of the young turks liberal movement the overall goal for the media right now is to profit i mean they're constantly worried about ratings why are they worried about ratings because in the advertising department or in the sales department those ratings need to be presented to advertisers and if you are cut bait think that if you cover stories that are important stories on libya stories on the economy that americans are going to buy they want the sensationalism they're going to focus on the sensationalism there is an audience out there for it but it's discouraging because people are getting informed on the issues that are better important to better the issues that actually affect them on a daily basis and if they think that's going to bring in the money in the ratings then that's what they're going to cover and i think that that's discouraging and i think they're wrong i think they're wrong on that point well some other international news stories in brief for you now this. is this militants in somalia
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say they're still banning the most foreign aid agencies from working in the country but since the no un reports that somalia is in the straits of disaster in the statements of propaganda the severe drought has struck the region rendering it is in dire need of food and water the u.n. estimates tens of thousands of already died from falters. foreign ministers from north and south korea have broken the three year suspension of high level bilateral meetings official extra place probably a venue for the regional forum for the sensational interventions the meeting is thought to be a positive step to possible future negotiations of nuclear weapons in the korean peninsula. quit the original to the structure of two thousand and seven. nato has carried out fresh bombing runs on the libyan capital on saturday to
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colonel gadhafi headquarters whereabouts of will probably remain another friday a crowd gathered in tripoli in support of the current libya has been ravaged by civil war since frederick enter the kurdish will begin with strikes march miter contributor says there's a credibility gap in the accounts over the intervention. there is going to a lot of talk about. the u.s. policy or the lack of faith regarding pakistan and afghanistan no less has been said about the nato operation or actually aerial intervention and bombing in libya take a close a look at how the nato air wield bombing in libya is related to american tribe vies in afghanistan and pakistan on a technical basis yes they nato intervention and indiscriminate bombing in libya
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could be both the united states and nato operation but technicalities aside it is not just a tune and a half wars for the united states in reality if not on the ground at least in the air over a levy very bombing is one hundred percent nato operation timing off nato operation against libya demonstrated not on the lack of trust between the united states and pakistan and bad leadership it is also indicative of a huge credibility gap between genuine united states of america and its european nato partners. i am observing nature and discover its buzy. least the communicate with the wild under.
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test yourself and become free and. see what nature can give you an aunty. forty two thousand americans die each year from car accidents only a thousand to. seventeen thousand people. and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us here partisans is even more devastating to kills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every day here. emissions free credit taishan free in-store chargers free arrangement free. three stooges free.
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old free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media and on to our tetons tom. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future of coverage. oh back to our top story now norwegian police say at least eighty four people have
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been killed in a shooting spree in the on the materia rather youth camp run by the governing labor party going to target is believed to be the worst of its kind in modern history where it came shortly after a bomb ripped through the heart of the government district of the capital killing at least seventy police on the island have arrested a thirty two year old norwegian that in connection with the attacks he reportedly expressed rightwing and anti muslim views in the internet earlier reports suggested the terror group to help is a global jihad initially claimed responsibility to sponsor norway's involvement in afghanistan but later retracted the statement. history of that trip from oxford university highlights norway's involvement in nato as military campaigns as a possible catalyst for tensions in the area. with most likely explanation is
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that norway's on board as a nato member when they're asked armed actions i may do from libya to afghanistan will have a basis for some backlash and whether that backlash comes from a libyan or more generally from an islamic group which is hostile to the religion major improvement. it's got to be seen and i have to say we should remember that back in moore oklahoma city mention ninety five when i was in the form of. it we left from pollution says it must work in islamic terrorists and it turned out to work a very tough question on the banking system and hostile to the rest so with the proviso that we that we should only rule out outlook also that is the most likely explanation is obviously that's norway's political is all going to be alone an attack on it and the other is perhaps there's a strategy to turn the heart of an islamic group i might say the ways are so
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correction. if you think about it what i saw in london paris. was called it's a terrorist attacks over the years even right i ask attack on a prime minister because people please. remember that he's going to prosecute or. certainly have had such an effect in london or paris as perhaps in a culture of norway which is in very peaceful very quiet for a long time. and he no involvement in the region's environs has always been houses miles by american country that's all in the ether now but i'll be back with a recap of our headlines interesting statements here nothing.
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